Can you help us?

As you are all aware (because I keep yapping on about it 🤣)...we are a small, grassroots community group that started in my living room in March, with LOTS of planned projects that we would like to get under way and, that are in many ways different (and maybe even a little more unusual from the norm)...🙊

But....we (CNOS Team and the community) need your support always to enable us to successfully sustain, run, deliver, fund and produce these amazing things ❤

I am ETERNALLY grateful for all the support, in whatever form it has come from you all to date! EVERY thing you do, help with, donate and interact with matters MASSIVELY not only to me, the CNOS Team but all those who get to participate, receive support or just enjoy what is posted!

The volunteers have given their time freely and just supported me with whatever crazy idea I come up with or suggest over the past 8mths and will continue to do so, because they are as I am, incredibly passionate about all we do and love the outcomes, community coming together and the friendship and laughter that always follows 🥰

If you, your street, your workplace/business can help us in ANY way ....PLEASE get in touch 🙏 🌍

(And yes, I constantly apply for funding but it very very competitive and in demand at present, and whilst we are a not for profit CIC (100% goes back in) it rules us out of larger funding applications and ALL costs and our base costs are ours to fund. We are in the process of trying to complete a very long and complex Charity Application for that status)


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