Don't Compromise

🛍🌍 February Don't Compromise Mth ❌❤


As you are aware we have run the CNOS 'Don't Compromise' Campaign since we set up in March last year.

We have continued to help provide sanitary wear and hygiene products/toiletries throughout this time and in Care Packs as needed ❤

This month we want to highlight this massive issue for many girls/woman...that in 2021...people are having to choose between appropriate sanitary wear or basic food/other essentials!

Some young girls are worried to ask parents who are struggling with basic food essentials for money for these items because they don't want to add further pressure or costs to their family!

Piece of clothing, toilet roll and other on hand, unsuitable items ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Schools are making progress in this area but as you are aware - most aren't in school at present!

Scotland has made massive steps to address and support this issue.

🚫 Having periods IS NOT A CHOICE!!!

🚫 Essential ladies hygiene products ARE NOT A LUXURY!!

If you are struggling with this, please don't be embarrassed.....get in touch and allow us to support you with this also!

If you can help us, please drop any items (new/sealed) to our hub!

203c Dunkirk Lane Leyland PR26 7SN from 12noon daily.


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