Here to help....

I've just had a conversation with someone that needed a little bit of help but felt embarrassed to ask!.....

Firstly, anyone that comes to us knows were as barmy as a box of 🐸...🤣 and there's ABSOLUTELY ZERO judgement!

Secondly, the Community Fridge is open to ANYONE, regardless of their finances or any other consideration- because it reduces food wastage, this is a good thing for us all and the environment in many ways and everything gets utilised and that can never be a bad thing!

Thirdly, we are all only one step away from struggling with something, it maybe food for one family or mental health for another person! We aren't here, nor will we judge you and we WANT you to come!

If you need support in anyway and we cannot provide it, please know we will help you find someone that can. We are ALL in this together and there's no issue if you come from a different area because there is PLENTY to go round!

Plus we like seeing regular and new faces, having a laugh and a chat and Janet loves to pile bread on everyone (even if you came for veg)🤣🙊

Joking aside, this year has been tough enough for so many, so don't beat yourself up, worry about what anyone else may think (when infact more likely than not no-one else does think twice) and come and help us keep our record of no food wasted that is of decent quality!!!

Even our sorry looking Bananas were made into some tasty bread!

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