Loan Shark Project

As you may remember we have been awarded a grant from the Proceeds of Crime Team that ceases monies/goods gained from illegal activities and put it/funds from sales back into the community for positive and proactive use!!! ❤🙌

We will be rolling out our project in the forthcoming weeks.....

Who is affected by Loan Sharks: Individuals, whole communities and many times it's those who you wouldn't 'normally' assume would be targeted or use a Loan Shark.

Much of the time, initially victims don't even realise it is happening to them and mistake the goodwill of a neighbour 'who always helps people out' or that 'recommended friend' as just that when it is more often than not something much more!!

Lending sums of money to people on a regular basis of various amounts is classed as illegal money lending (without correct licenses) and therefore makes you a Loan Shark - even if their is no other criminal activity or threats etc behind it!

Licences to lend are essential (certain exemptions of course apply) - always be clear on the circumstances of when this applies and check it out!!

What is a Loan Shark? 🦈

Often these are people who target and intimidated people struggling the most financially and trap them in a cycle of debt and fear (as seen on 'ill gotten Gains' & other similar programmes). But again lots of lending without the correct licences makes you a loan shark!

We were among some AMAZING winners and delighted once again to bring something new and different for the area and community 🌍

We have been awarded funds for a 3 part programme which incorporates children (learning about money, and saving etc) teens and above (money management, bill and finance management and much more) and also a mural which ill post more about at a later date, however we will love to have the community involved in that (it's something striking and special)....

Watch this space for more new and further initiatives & services 😉😘

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