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CNOS JJ Effect Collaboration Project ❤🌏

I am EXTREMELY proud and excited to say I had a meeting this morning with the Violence and Knife Crime reduction co-ordinator from Lancs Police (our division) and we discussed the Youth Inclusion project and the forthcoming CNOS JJ Effect collaboration and he is now looking into locating a Knife Surrender bin for us!

We hope this is something EVERYONE will support and help us to give our younger people some support, a safe space to come to and also offer the chance for ANYONE that carries ANY kind of knife or weapon to surrender it because it's all too easy for things to quickly go wrong and escalate in the blink of any eye and for someone else to be seriously hurt or worse! As Byron and his family sadly know all too well!!!

I'll keep you updated on this and also some other projects in the pipeline 🤫❤

Thankyou as always for your support and I hope you will continue to help us to try make a safer community for all and have something catered for everyone's interests ❤🌏

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