Pledge a £1

As you are aware we rely solely on donations for the CNOS Little's, Activity and Cooking packs, sessions and service and our food care packs....🌍

We now have a base, but ALL the costs are ours to also bare! We do not have a funding umbrella body/service or free building space to work from or that we own....but it's our home and means we can continue as we have the past 7mths.


We need to continously raise funds to be able to continue with everything and our projects, now and long term...what we had so far that sustained us all this time is almost fully gone 😪...but some AMAZING things have been achieved with it to date.😍

So I am again asking for your help! 🙏

Can you pledge £1???...If every group member did we currently have, that would raise nearly £4000 to massively assist us with out costs across the board! (If you can spare anymore we would of course welcome it)

You can donate via PayPal, Bank or pop us a £1 once the centre open into our collection pot on site

Thankyou as always for your support!!

(And yes I have 33 grant applications for various activity funding pots to do but they have to be solely spent on set things and take anything from 16 weeks to be assessed)


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