Some of our FAQ

Just thought I'd do a FAQ post that might help give some answers......

πŸ’™ Yes we rely on donations for our Packs etc but No not everything we get is free - we have to also purchase various items for them by raising funds to do so.

❀ No we cannot provide Medications/shop for over the counter tablets/medicines of ANY kind.

🀎 No we cannot provide alcohol, Heat Pads, or other such items.

πŸ’œ No sorry we cannot provide solely fruit and veg boxes.

πŸ’š Yes our packs are standard items (subject to availability) - majority are non-perishable items.

πŸ’› No we can't go shopping for you to certain stores/supply specific brands/collect purchases.

🧑 Yes we can provide Sanitary products and some toiletries (based on need).

πŸ–€ No sorry you can't have a Pack "because you don't want to go shopping as it's a hassle".

🀍 If you are expecting or need baby items please self refer to Tippy Toes Baby Bank (they have a form online to do so).

πŸ’° No sorry we cannot provide you with any money.

🌍 Yes the Care Packs are free, BUT where possible a small donation/token would help massively in purchasing stock to replenish & to continue the service/help others.

Please feel free to add any further questions below you may have.....β“πŸ€”

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