Supporting the Homeless

As you know I always have lots of ideas and projects in the pipeline.... And it's a REALLY difficult time for some many people/families as it is, nevermore with covid 😪 .....

We need ALOT of support to help sustain us and those services, but by doing that and all your support and donations it means we can support those needing it most right now and going forward 🙏💙🌍

We have been asked if we can help a homeless support unit in doing little Christmas boxes/gift bags....

If you have anything new/unopened that we can add to this such as toiletries or small items, please let us know and we can arrange drop off at our base.

It is extremely sad to struggle at any time or be a child wondering if you will have any gifts or a parent concerned about feeding your child but to be homeless on top of that must be an added major worry. Many are homeless through no 'fault' of their own!

If you can help us with this also, please message.

Thankyou 💕

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