The JJ Effect @ CNOS

We are looking to book our first event with Byron & the team in a few weeks time. This will massively depend on the base being ready and fit for purpose & of course the social distancing guidelines and requirements at the time....

In the meantime, I would please urge any parents, group or club members/leaders to please message me and reserve potential places as it will be limited may think, well my child would never be involved in anything like that, or carry a weapon, or it's not something I want to discuss with my young person or god forbid be attacked themselves - but you would be suprised at the content & how quickly things can escalate sometimes without also addresses signs, triggers and so many other influences and factors young people face these days aside from weapons/knife crime! Boys & girls!

We would like you to please ask your children/young people to attend! There is so much covered including relating to being around those who may carry weapons to being in situations of what to do if someone else 'approaches' you with weapons, unhealthy associations/friendships, peer pressure and SO much more...

If you wish to attend as a parent or group leader you are also most welcome...

I cannot stress enough how important this message is to get out to EVERYONE....not just those 'sterotyped' groups....


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